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Extension Sessions

Each session is curated to your individual needs. Whether you’re hoping to achieve a dramatic transformation with extensions or simply looking for the confidence-boost that comes with having fuller hair, my approach to extensions is one of the most gentle options among non-temporary extensions methods and deliver the most natural-looking results.


Best Hair Extensions Scalp Facial Madera Ca



Ideal for the woman who is looking to add volume and texture to her current natural length or slightly longer. Polish adds significant fullness while requiring the least day-to-day maintenance.

*Commonly known as 1 row

*Expected Maintenance: 6-8 weeks



Most popular option! Ideal for the woman whose hair is at least to her collarbone and would like to add length. This allows for both dramatic results and ease of day-to-day maintenance.

*Commonly known as 2 rows

*Expected maintenance: 6-8 weeks



Ideal for the woman desiring maximum thickness and length. Or her natural hair is very thick or has short layers that require additional hair to achieve a natural looking result.

*Commonly known as 3 rows

*Expected Maintenance: 6-8 weeks

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